1. Wheel Covers / Hubcaps

Adding custom hubcaps can add a unique look to a vehicles over all appearance. FROM 14.99

2. Steering Wheel / Covers

Steering wheels / covers are the first things which draw our attmention within a car. They also make the grip more comfortable FROM 9.99

7. Exhaust / Mufflers

Mufflers can change the sound of your car dramatically. Get them fitted for better performance and mean rumbles. Don't forget to get good looking exhaust tips. FROM 14.99

4. Gear Knobs

Gear Shift Levers are the next thing after the steering wheels that draws the attraction. A good shift knob increases the comfort and thus the smoothness in your driving skills.  They are available in wide variety and from many manufacturers. If you don't feel comfortable with your knob, change it!

FROM 9.99

3. Air Fresheners

They absorb odors from the interior of the vehicle leaving a fresh essence inside. You can choose from various fragrances available. Personally I like the scent of mint and it does mask the odors pretty well. There are some air-fresheners available which can absorb excess moisture in the vehicle and then release them when the air becomes too dry. The scents help relax while driving. This is a must have in any car. FROM 0.99

6. Remote Startup kit with keyless entry / Alarms

It would be nice if you were able to start your vehicle from outside. These systems offer  ultimate convenience to start up and lock/unlock your vehicle without the keys. Just push the buttons from a distance and your car is ready to go on. This is a must have for the busy business people who don't want to spend a minute locking/unlocking their vehicles. Some come with car alarms as well. FROM 84.99

8. Headlights / Taillights / Indicator lights

The headlight and the taillights add a lot to the look of a car. Changing the ugly looking factory fitted lights will greatly enhance the appearance of your car. FROM 14.99

5. Roof Bars and Boxes

The roofs can provide a huge storage area while traveling. Installing roof bars or boxes is a nice solution to the problem of storing luggage.Though they might look clumsy, but they are very useful at times. FROM 24.99


9. Seat Covers

We have many different types of seat covers.

They help in protecting the interior of your vehicle and give you a specific look. FROM 9.99

10. Car Covers

We have many different types of car covers.

They help in protecting the exterior of your vehicle in the sun, rain or snow. FROM 14.99

11. Interior Body Styling

We have many specific items which will fullfil your needs. They help in changing the style of your vehicle. We have too many items to list.

FROM 4.99


12. Body Repair

We have many specific items which will fullfil your needs.

They help in repairing your vehicle. We have too many items to list.

FROM 4.99

13. Misc. Accessories

We stock specialist and universal items for all vehicles. FROM 0.99